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Top Trick To Get Your YouTube Channel Monetized Faster


Subscribers is the root to success in YouTube channel to get it monetize

millions of people rushed into YouTube to create a channel to start making money, but got stucked when it time monetization of 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 watch hour

Getting 1,000 subscribers and targeting, 4,000 watch hour is no longer hard.

In this article i will be showing you the trick to help you reach 1,000 Youtube subscribers and 4,000 watch hour and even more of subscribers, to get your YouTube channel monetize and start earning from it

There are two website that works perfectly in getting subscribers and watch out, this website happens to be sonuker and subpal, the both website have the same thing in common , and I can said may be the two website was who by an individual, because the websites have the same thing in common, but right now, I will be talking about sonuker

How Do I Increase My Subscribers With Sonuker

Here are the steps to get the You Tube Subscribe.

Firstly you have to get a YouTube Chanel, then you have to go to sonuker


1: Go to Sonuker click on LET ME IN NOW!

After clicking on let me in now , in put your channel URL and click on “Let me in now”

Enter you email, password and confirm your password in the next tap after clicking on “Let me in now”

Great, you are in !!!

Now click on “Activate Under Free”

After you are into the business, now follow the steps as shown in the image below

All done, do not close the pop up when it up and be faithful with it, subscribe and like the video you saw, so your own can be liked and subscribed to also.

In conclusion, YouTube subscribers and channel watch hours can be gotten easily through the two website that I have given above. If you can make use of them, you will surely get your YouTube channel monetize without any issue

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