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Step By Step To Make Money Online In 2020


To make money online There are so many articles, videos and blogs that have talked about steps to make money online. Previously, some weeks ago I gave some articles about becoming a drop shippers and making money from it and the tricks to earn on YouTube without AdSense.

You might find this difficult and to earn from drop shipping or on YouTube without AdSense. With the steps that I will be given you now, it will give clear vision of freelancing service.

Firstly you have to know what freelancing is all about.

You might asking yourself, What is freelancing, Who are freelancers? Can I become a freelancers? I will be answering this question from the last one, yes, you can become a freelancer, everyone is subjected to become a freelancer if you are talented or skillful in some area, then you are subjected to make money online

Freelancing can easily be defined as a process of earning money from home or called work from home. And freelancers are talented people who are showing off their skills on a certain website to satisfy their customers

There is a platform that really help freelancers to earn much especially from affiliate referring stuff, I am talking about Konker, a great freelancing marketing platform that allows you to render your businesses and services online to millions of sellers.

Previously I have talked about some steps to earn from a similar website to Konker, and that’s fiverr, which also allow users to earn from rendering services to buyers and affiliate earning on fiverr

make money online

On Konker, you are subjected to lifetime earning on the affiliate program, this was as a result of referring customers to the website, and make purchase of any product, then you will be credited some percentage whenever you they make purchase and also get paid from customer’s this was as a result of been hired by customers on the platform.

Konker on the other side make some reviews to any job created on the platform, unlike fiverr and zeerk platform that approve almost every Jobs and GIG created on their platform immediately.

If you are starting your journey of becoming a freelancer then I will suggest you to use the above direction.

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