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How To Find Best Keyword Ranking Like A Ninja


Ranking Of Keywords, Backlinks, SEO and content creation are the best source of optimizing your your website traffic and keyword ranking

The best and recommended SEO Tools are Backlinks and Keywords Ranking

What Is KeyWords Ranking And How Does It Works

Keywords are small words or phrase that appear in a website content which must not be longer than 4 words, this type of phrasal words {Keywords} tells Search Engines, especially Google which word to rank for in your website content, either page or post.

Using a great keyword ranking which thousand or even millions of people are searching for online could get you more traffic from search engines if you rank for it.

But, how do you know which keywords people are searching for online? When you know the Keywords, how do you rank for it to top list on search engines?

Semrush is a great tools that can shows you which keyword ranking you need to rank for. Not only that, on Semrush you can check your competitors ranking words and the tricks he’s using, and also rank for them.

On Semrush you can also do some Backlinks. Backlinks are mainly called link building, which means the linking of other website to your website. I have given some tips on how to go high on Search Engines with SEO Backlinks in my recent article, you can check it out to give full explanation about Backlinks.

Now, you have rank for an high searching keywords, the question is, how do you let Google and other search engines know you have rank for a certain Keywords?

Every search engines, have a webmaster tools or should I say search console, which works has a resource of making your website know to search result as a whole when a crawl is done.

I won’t be able to talk about all search engines console here, but will talk about Google search console

Google Search Console

Getting started with Google Search Console will be required for you to verify your ownership of the site, you will be given several options to do this, but I will encourage using HTML meta tag as your means of verification.

Once the ownership is verified, you will have to submit your sitemap


Sitemap is a tools that shows every URL and pages of your website, in a single URL.

You can generate a sitemap with XML , it a great tools to generate a website map with, but to me it time consuming and data consuming, so why not using a direct plugin to generate a sitemap automatically if you are using a WordPress CMS

Got your website sitemap, Good, you have to submit the sitemap to Google for indexing, by doing this all your website pages and post will be available on Google Search Result.

Whenever you post a new content on your, website, it will take search engines some time before ranking it on Google, you can do this faster by updating your website faster in your dashboard and also force search engines to see it.

By doing this and ranking for SEO keywords with the keywords synonym, you will rank high on search result.

Note: SEO is not a one time work, you must continue doing it till you get to the top

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