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Biography of Doctor Ninu aye {Bello Ibrahim}


Biography of Doctor Ninu Aye

Bello Ibrahim Abiodun , popularly known as DOCTOR NINU-AYE , Biography of doctor Ninu aye was born and raised in Bariga, in the city of Lagos on the (16th of April 1987).
He is gifted with the power of white magic Angel and 9th powerful monster by his grandfather.

Due to his great performances, he was retained as a specialist after his I.T program at one of the specialists hospital in Lagos Nigeria.

DOCTOR NINU-AYE is also a story/song writer.
He’s also a Nollywood actor under the umbrella of OLANIYI AFONJA SCHOOL OF DRAMA.
One aspect that makes DOCTOR NINU-AYE different from others, is his style of delivery.
Other than being a new breed of intelligent, he is also known to be quite outspoken when delivering his stories and songs lyrics.

Some people may view his brilliant story weird but it appeals to quite a large number of people.
He his also a business partner with Donna Gingery, who is also a story-writer from Prior Lake, MN in united state of America.

Mostly he base his research on unseen Creator such as monster, DOCTOR NINUAYE is the most spectacular in aspects of his personality on stages as an actor and a role model

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